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Stop wasting your time on social media for business

As a social media for business experiment I was in contact with over 60 business this week – either asking for assistance, pointing out some links on their site that was incorrect, asking for details on an offer, and so on. As of midday Friday the total number of responses I got back was two. TWO!!

Social media is not a mirror

Social media is not a mirror

What are people doing? Social media exists to build connections and strengthen your connection with customers. It takes two to tango, and if you are not in a position to respond to a given query in an hour – or at least get some form of customised and friendly auto response then take down your social links. Seriously. Take them down. The damage that you are doing to your business is invisible but very real.

The days when social tools were optional are gone. Social media for business is on the same track. You may go out in the morning in a suit or in very casual gear, but I pretty much guarantee that you do think about it the same way that you check for your wallet/purse and keys. You also think about how you greet and respond to people you meet. Social media interactions today are no different. Not responding is the equivalent of wearing your pants on the outside. Do not do it.

So please take ten minutes – now – to check your appearance in the mirror. Make sure that you are fit to socialise and if you DO decide to go out, be prepared to respond.

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